TPP Impact on Hawaii Labor


Hawaii has 208 Union Locals and is 114,422 Member strong.

One of the most serious and threatening impacts of the secret TPP treaty being negotiated is the loss of skilled jobs in Hawaii and throughout the US. The TPP has been referred to as “NAFTA on steroids”, and NAFTA (and its sister treaty CAFTA) can be attributed to the loss over over one million US manufacturing jobs to Mexico and Central American countries.

The new treaty will threaten both jobs and wages, since Hawaii workers will be forced to compete against companies in low wage countries such as Vietnam, where average manufacturing wages are $2.75 per day.

The AFL-CIO has been attempting to intervene, however to date the US Government has sided with the large companies entrusted to negotiate the treaty.  Following is an excerpt from the AFL-CIO web site:

The AFL-CIO has provided the administration with ideas about how to improve the U.S. trade positions so they work for the 99%, not just the 1%. Unfortunately, it is an uphill battle; the global corporate agenda has infused trade policy with its demands for deregulation, privatization, tax breaks and other financial advantages for Big Business while shrinking the social safety net in the name of “labor flexibility.”

Global businesses that reap the benefits of U.S. trade policy want the TPP to look like prior “free trade agreements” as much as possible. And while negotiations are not yet complete, the publicly available information is concerning for workers: it looks as if, once again, the global corporations are having too much influence in the process. And working families may once again get left behind.

How will the TPP impact:

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