TPP Impact on Hawaii Health and Safety

The TPP will impact health and safety in Hawaii in several ways:


Healthcare costs will be artificially high by restrictions on the introduction and timing of new generic drugs. Pharmaceutical companies negotiating the treaty have successfully pushed for extensions of patents on brand name drugs in order to increase profits.  Due to the threat to international health, Doctors Without Borders has voiced strong opposition to the TPP.

1) Lawsuits by the multi-national companies will be decided by tribunal courts consisting of 3 panel judges, with “industry related” judges.  There are no “conflict of interest” rules for these international judges, so the same judge that rules on a case can also be a paid consultant for the same Pharma company they rule on.

2) Health and safety of workers in Hawaii will be impacted by imports of food and products from countries that do not meet US food and safety standards.

3) Current safety regulations, such as OSHA regulations can be challenged by multinational corporations in a new international tribunal if the government regulation could be proven to restrict POTENTIAL future profits.

The Intellectual Property Chapter of the pending TPP treaty contains many of the new rules negotiated by the large Pharma companies to improve profits.  The IP Chapter was leaked to Wikileaks on November 13, 2013:

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