TPP Impact on Hawaii Business


The Trans Pacific Partnership is being sold as a “free trade” agreement, however only 5 of the 29 chapters reportedly deal with trade.  The vast majority of the chapters and content are drafted by large multinational corporations to improve corporate profits through new copyright and intellectual property protection, reduced health and safety regulations, etc.

These changes threaten to harm several primary industries in Hawaii.  As examples:

  • Small and medium sized business owners in Hawaii would be forced to abide by the international treaty rules designed by the large multinational corporations.
  • Tourism could be impacted by alleged copyright infringement and intellectual property challenges by multinational corporations.
  • Tourism could be negatively impacted by new threats to the environment, as the TPP treaty rules negotiated by Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Monsanto, Dow Chemical and Halliburton, etc. are implemented.
  • The Hawaii fish industry could be forced to compete with imported fish from countries with little or no US Food Safety regulations.
  • Hawaiian cattle ranches could be forced to compete with foreign owned meat companies importing meat to the US with little or no US Food Safety regulations.
  • Hawaii healthcare costs would be artificially high as large pharmaceutical companies could extend patents and limit the introduction of new generic drugs.
  • Hawaii service and financial sectors would be subject to new international rules designed to restrict competition in the e-commerce and financial industries.

There are many other threats to the commerce and industry in Hawaii, and since the treaty is being negotiated in secret, only the leaked information is available today.

Our immediate opportunity is to stop the “Fast Track” of the TPP.  Fast Track Authority is being requested by the administration to rush the new secret treaty through congress with limited debate and without an opportunity to study or amend the treaty in the US Congress.

See Senator Elizabeth Warren speak out in March, 2015 on the dangers of the TPP court “tribunals” that will preempt the United States courts if the TPP becomes law.

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