TPP Links


The following links provide additional information on the Trans-Pacific Partnership:

See Senator Elizabeth Warren speak out in March, 2015 on the dangers of the TPP court “tribunals” that will preempt the United States courts if the TPP becomes law.

Sierra Club letter opposing TPP, with hundreds of organizations in agreement. – An open letter to President Obama December 27, 2013

President Obama offers to sell out his base for votes on TPP, December, 2014 – November 14, 2013 artlice with video explaining recent leaks of TPP chapter on Intellectual Property. – Interview with Bill Moyers explaining the TPP  The Intellectual Property Chapter of the pending TPP treaty leaked to Wikileaks on November 13, 2013:  –  Flush the TPP is a web site dedicated to stop the Fast Track of the TPPTP2  – PDA America is tracking congressional opposition to the TPP – Electronic Frontier Foundadtion explanation of the TPP

Bi-Partisan Congressional initiatives to stop the Fast Track of TPP:

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